Kitty Cat Klub - Last FM - Carbon Lily - Studio Works

KCK - Come out to the Kitty Cat Klub in Minneapolis on Wednesday. Jenny Dalton will be performing with a cellist & violinist, and Murzik will also be playing their beautiful brand of Russian indie folk. Music starts at 10pm, Ages 21+

LAST FM - Glossy Shoebox Productions has a set up shop on Last FM. Visit the new profile.

- The Carbon Lily Remixes project is currently being mastered in Athens, Greece and will be coming soon...

- Recording sessions for the new project tentatively titled Rusalka's Umbrella, began in October. It was put on hold while Matt Freed (engineer) was busy with the release of his band Cloud Cult's new album. Sessions are on a roll again, and Steve Yasgar came in to track some additional drums & percussion this weekend. It's sounding sweet.