Bad Asses

Sometimes I like to take myself on little dates: like one morning I wandered over to a cafe to get a coffee treat and then down the block into a cluttered gift boutique full of lots of eye candy. Some shops like that can be more inspiring to me than walking around a museum.

Anyhoo, I happened upon this tiny book. It's only about 5 x 4 inches, but I'm pretty sure it contains the meaning of life.

It's full of crappy drawings of "bad asses" like Joan Jett, Stripe from The Gremlins, Mr. T and others separated out by categories. Accompanying the sketches are descriptively minimal, hand-written commentaries with bad spelling and grammar - often crossed out and re-written.

I love stuff like this! It's so earnest and endearing. Maybe the meaning of life is to get those ideas out of our heads and materialized into something like a book so other people are inspired to do the same.

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