Making "Sun" Dried Tomatoes

I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and decided it was time to finally invest in the food preservation equipments I've been debating for the last year or so. I'm happy to say they didn't break the bank: turns out canning kits and dehydrators are affordable. So my friend Kari (who gave me the book and is also my gardening guru, but we're both still new to vegi gardening) had her first batch of tomatoes, and we had a little preservation party last night.

Meet the lovely 'tatoes!

The most tedious part was coring & scoring, blanching and skinning the tomatoes. But the skins came off easily. These little guys were small, so they were halved (instead of quartered) and loaded onto the dehydrator trays..

Kari's engineering the nuclear dehydrator silo turbine.

Once they were all stacked up, we pressed go-time on the dehydrator, and I let it run over night.

Good morning tatos! They say 10-14 hrs for tomatoes, but since these were so small, I bet 8-9 would've worked. I picked them off the trays, put them in a plastic bag, labeled with contents and date, tried to roll as much air out of the bag as possible and stuck them in the freezer.